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Find out if you are eligible

If you meet the following requirements, you may be eligible to attend LOC:
1. Age requirement:  16-21 (20 and 21 year olds in limited cases).
2. Must attend high school in Springfield or Clark County.
3 Must be behind in obtaining required graduation credits.
4. Must receive home school principal or superintendent approval.

5. If you meet the above requirements, you will need to fill out an enrollment packet. Enrollment packets can be picked up at our office - 10 S. Yellow Springs St., Springfield, OH 45506 

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Enrolling at LOC is easy

The following will be required at the time you turn in your completed application packet:
1. Certified copy of birth certificate.
2. Social security card. 
3. Proof of address (Any piece of mail listing the student’s name and address). 
4. Selective service requirement (for males 18+) This information may be found at
5. Proof of Income for each person living in the student’s household for the past 6 months.
6. Copy of the student’s school transcript. 
7. Out-of-School Youth form (If applicable).
8. IEP forms (If applicable).

Students MUST continue to attend their home school until their application has been approved by LOC. 

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Additional Eligibility Requirements

If applying student is NOT already enrolled into School of Innovation (SOI), you must:
***Springfield High School students – talk to your counselor, request a referral to SOI/LOC
***All County School students – must be approved to attend LOC by Principal or Superintendent.

Additional information for Offenders and Student Parents:

Enroll into School of Innovation (SOI), (Springfield City School only)
If applying student is an Offender:
***Court documents or records
If applying student is a Parent:
***For each of the student’s children:
   --Child's Birth Certificate
   --Child's social security card 

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Need Additional Information or Help?

Take a brief survey to help us understand your needs, even if you are a LOC graduate, we can help. 
An OIC representative will contact you once you complete the following survey:

You can also follow LOC on FaceBook:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't LOC just like other schools?

LOC is not like your home school. It is smaller (usually less than 125 students are enrolled), class material is accelerated, and there are no passing grades lower than 77%, so you have to be committed to success. 

When I enroll at LOC does that mean I'm no longer enrolled at my home school?

No. Students remain enrolled in their home school district during their enrollment and participation at LOC.

Why do LOC students have no assigned homework?

All work is done in class, even though the course material is accelerated. This approach not only keeps with the way the real-world workplace operates, but allows our students the time outside of school to work and to take care of their families and outside responsibilities.

When I'm done with all my class credits, do I still have to pass OGTs to get a diploma?

Yes, you will still have to pass OGTs just as you would at your home school. LOC has plenty of practice tools and preparation materials to help you get through your OGTs, and we also set aside a special block of time for each OGT-bound student so that they can use those tools effectively.

I've heard that LOC can schedule classes around my work schedule, is this true?

LOC feels that until you graduate, school needs to come first and will make every effort to help you coordinate your school and work schedule. Your employer should also understand that getting your diploma is the first priority and be flexible in their scheduling as well.  

When I graduate, do I get an LOC diploma or a diploma from my home school?

You will graduate and receive your diploma from your home school, not from LOC. However, we do have an LOC graduation ceremony every spring for those students who wish to participate. 


Our Staff and Students are the best!

Testimonials from our students

Christopher Joseph Simmons to Loc T Lockwood (FaceBook post 10/13/20): 

I'd just like to say thank you. Been a few years since my attendance and miss the work you do to help the community I've been happily, ish, raised in. Success stories are NOT just made by doing or thinking what if, its about learning the pattern to take hold of your own path to selflessly service exchange with your community as a whole, whether its simply to barter and trade or find uncommon ideas, we all have a place to be able to sit down and settle into a place of like minded by driven individuals. Its the Early stages of life that help define your path later. so for this I thank the many people who i attended class with and to all my teachers at that time. You are highly missed.

Katie Gard to Loc T Lockwood (FaceBook post 09/08/20

The only school that tells u if u need something, come to them and actually mean it. Not a single time have i went to mrs. Taylor for help and she did not come through. They generally care about their students not only education but well being. Even after graduation. Better than a regular high school and better than a friend. Love u guys!

Kristen Hatter is with Loc T Lockwood (FaceBook post June 3, 2020)

Thank you LOC for all the love an support & for never giving up on me. You guys pushed me until I finally finished & I couldn’t be more thankful for that! ❤️ I’m very happy to see what the future holds.

Avauna Monique Robinson is with Loc T Lockwood (FaceBook post from June 5, 2020)

First off I'm sooo proud of my self but I want to thanks Loc T Lockwood I went there with no credits and finshed high school in 2 years I'm blessed to have the opportunity to be at that school but if it wasn't for the amazing staff members IDK if I could've did it thanks Miss Jay, Miss Taylor, Miss brown, Miss chiles, Mr Rudy, Mr howe, Mr Brownn, Mr Ireland and Mr Matthew I appreciate u all for pushing me


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